Why choose TransCoastal Translations?

TransCoastal Translations is a professional agency for translations from English into Dutch and Dutch into English. We provide proofreading and revision services in both languages as well. Our formula is simple: You will benefit from the attention and prices of a small agency, but the resources and the network of the larger players in the translation industry.

  • Quality instead of Quantity. At TCT we believe that every text is well thought through and deserves as much personal attention as possible. In that sense, TCT is not about quantity, but about quality. We will not be able to translate or proofread every text. However, every text we do work on, will receive as much attention as you have given to the original. And quality is all but assured: TCT is ATA certified from English into Dutch and holds a Masters Degree in Dutch language.

  • A Personal Approach. Since the translator dissects the text he is working on, naturally, questions might arise. Since TCT believes translation is a collaborative effort, it will work closely together with the client. This will ensure a final product that accurately reflects the original text.

  • Affordability. Since you will working directly with TCT's main translator, prices will be lower than those of large companies that outsource your projects.

  • High-Quality Communication. Translating is not just someone sitting alone in a small office staring at a computer screen. It is a collaborative effort of the translator, client, proofreader and a global translation community. Communication between the client and TCT is a key element in this approach. This is how TCT distinguishes itself from other, much larger agencies, where a client will get lost trying to have a question answered or trying to add a few lines.

  • Optimal Resources. To achieve this, TCT has a network of resources. This consists of academic language experts all over the world, online tools, the latest translation software, the best dictionaries and a main translator backed up by a Master’s Degree in Dutch language, literature and culture, as well as a teaching certificate.
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